Kanpeki o Tsui Kyu Suru To Seek Perfection

What is perfection? I have no idea. Will I ever be able to do perfect kendo? Definitely not. So, why do I keep doing kendo? I have no idea. For some reason, though, the thought that my kendo will never be perfect is awesome. It means there’s always something to improve on. Mostly, it means I’ll never be bored. When you finish a video game, you’re done. When you finish eating your dinner, you’re also done. When you finish kendo… you’re probably just dead (or you quit). Probably not the most pleasant sounding thing in the world, but to me that’s a bit comforting. If you don’t make it a part of your life, then what’s the point of doing it, right? That impossible to reach perfection makes that possible.

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Simple 5 S? Ask the Japanese First!

The road to learning continuous improvement principals is constant and dynamic, picking up concepts and the variations of interpretation.  During my 30 plus years of studying and practicing scientific management theories, I noticed how ideas get developed, interpreted and communicated, accepted wisdom sounding important but lost in translation, complexity within the details that may not be needed, long string of words some not used in normal conversations.

Unlike other languages, English is full of innuendo.  The normal blue collar workforce with its own vernacular when asked to grasp these new concepts struggle to implement them like fish out of water.