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Customer Value How People Are

Customer Value Seinfeld Soup Kitchen

Efficiency Clothes in a Luggage

Cellular Design Example Machine Shop Flow

Change?  What is This? Cat With New Water Bowl

Change Video Funny...  Quizno's Commercial Funny



Kaizen Cool Video

Karate Elder Swordsmen Attempting Perfectiion - Impressive

Karate Rika Usami vs Dominos (incredible)

Karate Why You Need a Good Sensei Don't do this at home!

Karate Why You Need a Good Sensei II Ridiculously funny

Lean 5S Example of Cleaning Up Work Station

Single Piece Flow Envelope

Single Piece Flow Voice Over

That 70's Show LSS Funny

TIMWOOD Musical Video

TOC Bottleneck Visa Check Card

TOC Planting Rice Drum Buffer Rope Example

Value Stream Map - Patient Scheduling


The following are great videos; however, I'm going to warn you that they last about 30 minutes to an hour each jam packed with information, terms and concepts that have the ability to cure insomnia.  I suggest you taking your time and not blast through them video after video.  The brain can only handle so much.  Again, go at a comfortable speed and you'll be fine.



Advanced (Certification Preparation)

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