Why Lean Sigma? Because It Works!!!

Lean Sigma has proven to be an effective way in saving companies a lot of money.

If someone told me that he has ideas that could streamline my business, save money, increase profitability and that my customers implemented these ideas in their policies, I'd be interested.

Unfortunately, some don't share my enthusiastic curiosity.

Old management practices still hold onto the phrase "if it ain't broken don't fix it."  On the other end of this spectrum, a more progressive Lean Sigma manager believes that if it isn't broken, he should find ways of making it better.  This fundamental concept is the heart and soul of continuous improvement.  It feeds fresh and progressive ideas and creates a path of business enlightenment not otherwise realized through non-heuristic methodology.  Furthermore, without it, it is my strong opinion that a non-Lean Sigma company is destined to mediocrity and slow death.  Don’t get me wrong.  I appreciate “old school” thinking every now and then, enjoy "Deadhead tie-dyed” tee shirts and lyrics to  “Bye Bye Miss American Pie,” but both belonged to a time when manual typewriters and phone booths large enough for Clark Kent to change into his Superman outfit roamed the earth. Unfortunately, kids these days, with their two-in-one notebooks, tablets, mobile phones and watches and other new gizmos ready to hit the marketplace, have no idea who George Reeves is (Google it).

As business improvement philosophies start taking hold, more companies adopted these methodologies and gained tremendously because of an open-minded approach to replace stubborn un-substantiated rule-of-thumb mentality with tried and true data supported strategies.  Companies continue to log positive results while those that fight change find themselves sliding down a slope of pedestrian disappointments. There is something behind the term, "Those who live in the past, limit their future."

My blog website has posts and articles that support these principles.  I suppose I could write about the downsides, but it’ll only focus on people who are hell-bent in doing what they can to see that it fails.  Imagine a team with players whose whole purpose in life is to prove things don't and won't work.  I wonder what the win and loss record will be for that team at the end of the season.  Hmmmmmm.

A word of the wise:  Forget the Nay Sayers.  Take a bold step forward, implement Lean Sigma and Continuous Improvement and progress into a higher level of sophistication and management.

While the weaker links, by their own choice, languor listlessly in their murky pond of obscurity, the rest of us can evolve into a higher realm of endless possibilities.

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