Your Business - Customer Identification and Valuation

One fundamental question I ask when I start a training session targets deep into the first principle: customer identification and valuation: Who is your customer and what does your customer value, value defined as any product or service your customer wants and needs that’s delivered on time hassle and defects free. 

That’s one lung full of words that basically point toward two words: Customer and Value.

Lean Enterprise: Bone Basic Version

Backed by popular demand, I was asked to provide a condensed version of Lean Enterprise.  

Forget about the long class sessions, thousands of pages of reading, and hours of practice. -What’s asked for is a bones basic version of what I know. 

Okay.  Let’s see what I can do.

There are five concepts to Lean:  Value; single-piece-flow; flow; waste and continuous improvement. 

  1. Identify who your customer is and what he/she values, value defined as any product or service he/she wants and willing to pay for that’s delivered on time and hassle and defects free;
  2. Adopt single-piece flow methodology as opposed to batch and cue.
  3. Use Eli Goldratt’s Theory of Constraint’s five principles (identify, exploit, subordinate, elevate and repeat) to keep the flow of work in constant and unencumbered motion;
  4. Use Muda, Mura, Muri and TIMWOOD concepts to recognize and eliminate waste;
  5. Improve (aka continuous improvement) every second of the day.

There you go.

Now, let’s get LEAN!

Yamazumi Chart

The following takes you to a link that helps you understand the Yamazumi Chart's what and how.


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